Really appreciate you taking the time to check out this blog. Birthdays are always seen as a self indulgence time of year but if you know anything about me, there’s always a community element, somewhere.

My Birthday party is on the 25th April


Yes another year older and wiser, so no intentions of repeating the activities of last year’s 4 parties.
However you can expect music and other numerous magical delights:
Workshop: 6-9pm Hannah Gardiner shows us how to recycle umbrellas in innovative ways
Umbrella Act 2 Poster London Combo
8pm Vegan Food C/O of Love Gift Vegan  is served.
£5 Pre ordered. £7 on the day 
(Places are limited)
9-12pm Sees an open mic, featured artists, followed by KMT on the decks for the last hours.
Wildsuga Pop Up shop selling one of a kind jewellery inspired by a women’s return to indigenous lifestyle with a modern contemporary twist.
Wildsuga will also be doing some hand painted tribal art on face and hands to celebrate KMTS birthday in style.
All in the delightful and ambient surrounding of Cafe Cairo. 88 Landor Rd SW9 9PE.
This is also a celebration of Green Party of England and Wales.
Its all Free B4 9pm £5 After.

Sunday 26th April I will be spending the day with food, friends and family in the garden 11-5pm

If you can’t make either of those events but you still wish to get me a gift. I’ve saved you the trouble of racking your brains and saving you £ on a gift I won’t like or need.

So in no particular order.

Purchase Fear of Green Planet E.P all the £ goes back into May Project Gardens

Smart phone. I succumbed ! Not that I’m a big fan but I need it, to sell my merchandise via card payments.

New Bike, my previous one was stolen and the present one is a loan.

Size 10 Please

Quality Juicer

Socks (variety of thin ones for summer and thick ones for the garden)

Some interesting or distinct jeans or trousers, waist 32, you know my style !! Blue jeans don’t cut it.

Personal training session.


Working home stereo system  with speakers (2nd hand is fine). Just need something to play my music.

Music from those who know music !!!!

Peace, Love + Unity.

P.S Does anyone know how to increase the line spacing in this document ?