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Really appreciate you taking the time to check out this blog. Birthdays are always seen as a self indulgence time of year but if you know anything about me, there’s always a community element, somewhere. My Birthday party is on the 25th April Yes another year older and wiser, so no intentions of repeating the […]

Morocco – Sun, Sea + Capoeria !?

2013 after returning from the Native Sun Tour I was so inspired about the by the experience of touring as independent artists, I also recognized, I had a lot of changes to make on self. The changes were important so I could truly capture the essence of my being. This required some self-reflection and […]

KMT’s Freedom News

So this is my 1st Blog Post. Although I appear to be as busy as ever. This year has provided me an opportunity to explore what I really love to do and who I am. Perhaps a deep and philosophical question for my 1st entry Prof but despite how much I had achieved I really […]