KMT Freedom Teacher is a Guide who Uses Art (Hip-Hop) for Social Awareness + Social Cohesion. Co-Founder of May Project Gardens – Community Food Growing Project

Freedom: The ability to make limitless choices

Teacher: One who brings forth abilities and skills from within, through education and guidance.

The name KMT was chosen as an abbreviation for Kemit previously Egypt, to indicate the progressive nature of the country’s indigenous ancestors. His birthplace, South London, is perhaps more humble.

KMT is an exemplar for social change. DJ/M.C and Trainer (Workshops, Project Manager and Lecturer), since 1999 he has used the arts, in particular Hip-Hop, for social awareness and cohesion

KMT entertains and educates, guiding his audiences with infectious energy, knowledge and skills to change and empower their lives.


He is also the co-founder of May Project Gardens; a community based food-growing project set within the grounds of his home. The grassroots project illustrates his passion for pro-active social change and love for the environment

The Future of London Food System – panel from Just Space on Vimeo.

With such deep rooted experience KMT has harvested his own fruits from Hip-Hop, Social Change and Permaculture (May Project Gardens) and is pollinating the world with his own E.P (Fear of a Green Planet)

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Purchase Fear of a Green Planet – Invest in May Project Gardens

Freedom Teacher – Guide that uses Art (Hip-Hop) for Social Awareness and Social Cohesion. Co-Founder of May Project Gardens. Community Food Growing Project